Used Couch
Nope.. not gonna do it… aaaannd already crying

Peter Litt - Papa

Thank you for the poem. It felt good to read it :)

You know, I thought that I was starting to feel better…. I guess that feeling good doesn’t last very long

Why do I still feel like shit all the time?

Hey so you know how I have the Euro book that you had sophomore year? My guess is that the reading calendar hasn’t changed a lot in two years. So formal was this past weekend and we all remember what happened two years ago at formal. Why does this relate to Euro you might ask? Well, you drew hearts all over this one page in the reading. It’s like you’re mocking me from the past and it’s not even fucking close to funny

Asshole Comment of the Day

Great way to ruin my day before it even started! Which ever one of them wears brown, I’m not sure, says hi to me as I’m walking in to school about an hour before school starts.
“Hey Sam, you should get back with Clara.”
It’s like what the fuck?? Why do people insist on making me feel like an even bigger pile of shit than I already am feeling like?


So I see the Lego movie tonight for the second time because, “a band manager has to be at the events” which is alright I guess because it’s a great movie but I just want to go home and be depressed by myself. So in the movie, SPOILERS if you haven’t seen it, this girl is dating batman but she’s also in love with the main character. So in the end, batman realizes that they wanna be together and “gives” his girlfriend to the main character. And so my friend, who I really don’t like but I have to be friends with him because we need to be friendly with everyone, says and I fucking quote, “I’m like the main character and you’re Batman. THANKS FOR GIVING ME YOUR GIRLFRIEND.” It’s like, are you fucking serious?? I realize that you probably weren’t thinking that, but then you go on to try and tell every other fucking person that was there. What the fuck??? My night was going pretty well but that fucking comment made my heart drop through the floor. God dammit just get the fuck out, I don’t even want to see your stupid assface.